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When you get hit

I think when you get hit you lose life or something but I'm not sure because if you go over 100% it stops happening.. Maybe make it so that the player graphic changes a little bit when you are hit?

At any rate, I really liked the music and it was pretty fun to watch and play regardless, nice work, keep working on it and make it into a really cool game! Don't stop here, keep expanding on it.

robextrem responds:

I'm going to make changes, you have very good points.
When you get touched, you lose points... bar is "running power" (when you press space and it´s 100%) Actually you never lose, until 2 mins are done, it's about get points, but I think I'm gonna make it a little more difficult.

Thank you for your review.

I knew it had to be bood.

I just KNEW this game had to rock when I saw all the bad reviews it was getting.

It's an awesome game dude, the glitchy controlling only gets you a minus one in my books because: The art was awesome, the story WAS original, which is very rare on here. It wasn't typical newgrounds crap. And all the angry critical kids who review you here don't even listen to them.

Just because it has some bugs it doesn't demean this work at all. Its a great piece, hope you get the coding all down and fix up the bugs but honestly, nice work man. Nice gameplay, good concept, beautiful art, love the storyline and the comic-style.
Thanks for the game!


What a GREAT game. !

One Complaint.

No pupils = hideous style which newgrounds is in large part responsible for. Why would you spent all that time making decent drawings only to ruin it with such a hideous design flaw. The eyes with no pupils are hideous and unappealing and no artist should ever draw this way, ever. It's okay for Batman, and Spider-man, if its a part of a costume, those eyes at least had a shape. But its still sort of ugly on batman. And its extremely ugly on this and every single other newgrounds animation or game ever made.

It was originally designed, I would imagine, to avoid having to animate pupils. Its awful. And a horrible design flaw.

I just spent

It's a really good game if you're a puzzle solver. I just spent over an hour playing it. I'm sure there are more people who just did the same. Good job.

Pretty good, highly addictive, but also annoying.

This is pretty good a tiny bit of variety from the up down trials would be nice however. But even still this had all the elements of a fun 2D type game. Annoying as hell/frustrating. Collection. Interesting little backdrop, conception, etc. :) Fun stuff.

Great Series

Good job guys, on this and the second one. Wonderful work. Love adventure games! :)

That was awesome

That was awesome good fun. Good music. Great interface. Addictive game. Good game play. Well done all around!


This is how we greet the Chinese? With overt racism splattered all over the front page? Like this game? XD Oh well, it was hilarious. But newgrounds, come on. This is exactly why other countries hate us. XD

Unless this whole Chinese day thing is a spoof because we ARE blocked... but if its for real, that we were unblocked, this is not the best greeting.~ Especially the 'you can't post because you are under review by the government' thing with Tom's post.

Great game.

Great game, worked great, has good replayability because the differences aren't always the same every time you play. Nice music, nice art, and a cute little story. Excellent. :)

I still like cartoons. I know I deleted my something like 30 submissions. But I felt like it was time for a fresh start. I also deleted my artworks. And music here. XD

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