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Scarey concept!

Love your concept. Lots of hard work into the graphics and everything. Nice job!

Jimtopia responds:

Wow thanks very much. I honestly kinda wish I'd put more time in when it came to details but I appreciate the compliment nonetheless. ^_^

Love the art!

Great art guys! I'd love to be a part of a future collab. Great stuff!


Great design, really beautiful that you can flip through everything. Lots of nice art and some funny poetry.

How did you program the pages?

Good laugh.

Sound effects always make me laugh. Nice job!


I think I've reviewed you before. The art is always great. The art, animation, sound, all top notch you really do a good job. But the humor, well its getting better. This was just pointless violence again. So it has some meaning. But you missed the punch line. You seemed like you were going to make a point, then you missed it.

Just calling him a 'not a nice guy'. Which is true, Mickey is just like most people on Newgrounds. And many teenagers. Angry for no reason. Unreasonable. Hateful. Cynical without a cause. Etc. A bit of focus on the other characters and their stories might help this situation. Its got great potential but the main character really is a dick. Is unchanging-ness kills this series. In my opinion. And also missing the point kills the humor most of the time.

This cartoon comes off as identifying with Mickey. Which is a big mistake. Maybe you get praised for it on Newgrounds where all the kids are feeling like him but its not a good thing in my opinion. He's got to have a bit of a heart, you've got to have some depth. Real life isn't like this. (But its a cartoon not real life dude?!) is just what one of those kinds of people would say, completely missing the point. Maybe if I predicted somebodies thoughts right there they will do a self check. lol But I doubt it. X)

Anways, good work, keep it up, keep GROWING.

Art was decent.

Hold your face away from the microphone.

The art was decent, and the music. The story was trash. The typical newgrounds crap. Just like Robot Chicken violence is mistaken for humor. When it is in fact surprise, that creates humor, the answer is.. surprise. lol And this wasn't surprising. I could tell even by the type of face you drew this would be some angry an violent crap, and I was right. Congrats.

But even if I didn't hate the story, the art is good enough that you really should have tried better on the sound, that screaming is annoying and the quality of it is terrible. It really could have been solved just but having someone in your family click 'record' for you while you screamed from a distance. Its that simple pal.

Amazing Effort.

This is an amazing effort and perspiration is 100% what it takes to become great at anything. :) I'm super impressed by the amount of effort that you put into this, particularly the graphics I've noticed.

Nice work, decent art, dialogue isn't bad. Some of the writing could be tweaked, just some of the generic-isms. You must be a Star Wars fan? Or perhaps Dune? X)

But, one BIG issue with this, I would take it down and post in the forums that you want GOOD voice actors to do your work with you. Because you spent SO long on this amazing piece that the voice acting in it cheapens it greatly.

Now this is where most peoples PRIDE get's in the way, 'the voice acting is fine', 'actually I promised a friend he'd do it, I think he did an alright job', blah blah blah I've heard it all before an voices make a HUGE difference. Get some sound guys to help you with soundfx but most important GET a GOOD voice actor(s) because throughout most of this I heard a very young boy/teen/almost man doing several voices, and its most likely you, and he's a TERRIBLE voice actor.

Most people after putting so much time into something don't want anything more to do with it, I know, but what's a tiny bit more time to the quality of your work?

Well I don't know what you're like but if you really worked this hard on something I'm willing bet you have the humility not to be prideful and to recognize that a tiny bit more time with some good voice acting would boost this into the sky! :D

And I'd also like to offer my help with some artwork if you're ever doing another film cause I think you have great potential and I love a guy that works hard. I mean, the time you actually put into this speaks loads about you an disciplined patience is really the rarest gift of all the one the key ones to making it in animation I'll bet. Great stuff! And good luck in your future en devours!

RPGsrok responds:

Frankly this script was done two years ago and I continue to be impressed by how much you guys like the dialogue. I do like me some original trilogy, but all I ever saw of Dune was one of the Scifi Channel adaptations. I like to say I take most of my inspiration from certain well done anime, though nothing in particular springs to mind atm.

I'd like to say it wasn't really pride, but for whatever reason I do think several of the voice actors did good jobs. I am also proud to say that I only contributed two very very minor roles and so for once, I resisted putting myself in a main part. I do agree that there were two people I knew on this project who I felt reluctant to just throw out despite the voice quality (I thought the acting was ok) and one actor I didn't know personally whose performance and quality could've used some cleaning up. You're absolutely right I want no more to do with this, but I also think it's just a touch disrespectful to just replace their voices.

Notably I respectfully say that you are hearing things; if you look in the credits, the only duplicate roles are the extras which really only have some lines in the first scenes. You'd hafta pm me to get the details on who did what, but I assure you no one actor was doing a lot of things throughout (and as I said before, it certainly wasn't me).

I hope you understand my opinions on my actors. There were some I was dissatisfied with, and some I believe were very well done. I think you should also consider that my knowledge of sound design is pathetically limited and bad sound quality may indeed have detracted from some of the acting.

Art-wise I'm pretty good on my own, but if you would like to assist me with the animation itself, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reviewing and please look forward to my next work!


Without music during the fight scene the cartoon seemed a bit dry.

Also, violence really isn't funny. And I'm not saying that as in I'm offended.

But I mean literally, it isn't funny. What makes something funny is the unexpected. And this, is very, extremely, expected. Especially on newgrounds where the same crappy angry teenage humor is seen over and over again. Tone down the violence, amp up the surprise, and you'll have a good show for everyone. Not just for kids.

Like the part: "You're not SUPPOSE to like me" That was funny to me. Because it was quick. The timing of the animation and voice, and the unexpectedness made it funny, not the actual aggression.

Aggression can be used for surprise factor, but it is, in and of itself, not funny. Lots of people make that mistake and think that it is the anger or violence itself that makes it funny, but it is not. It is in fact how and what it is used for that makes it funny--surprise.

Take Sarah Silverman for example, sometimes she's funny because her 'sweet and innocent' voice and acting contrasts the aggressive behavior and the racist attitude her words suggest. Her words are in direct opposition to her tone and body language. So it is actually the unexpected that makes her, and people who use aggressive humor, funny. And not, the aggression itself. Same goes for violence, because violence is quick, its unexpected. But you have to set it up to BE unexpected. In this, its completely expected, ruining the surprise. There is no dichotomy.

I'll give you a perfect example of people who thought the same thing: Robot Chicken. Not very funny. The mistake they made was the same as this episode here. They mistook aggression, death, and such related things as funny. Missing the point that humor, is not in fact topic.

The animation here is fantastic. I like the style and the sound effects. There are some good voices. Even the writing is good, minus the fact that you guys aren't getting the humor full-way.

So to summarize:

Humor is about expectations, breaking them, and surprise! Timing is an element that helps surprise factor. But so is tone, body language, etc. Contradictions, setting up situations then breaking the expectations of the viewer.

So anyways, I'm glad if any of you have read this far so that one of you will have the inspiration to truly make something original that is funny. Love ya guys!

PS. If this post makes you angry and you are over the age of 15/16 you need to grow up.

If you ARE a teeny and this post makes you angry tough luck, I guess that's just a part of being a teenager. lol But enjoy the post. And take part of it with you. Because the 'angry stuff' isn't really that funny. Sorry guys! (And maybe even girls - @-@)

God Bless! (An extra line to make all you anxty teenagers angry. LOL ;)

They have a name!

I used to call those Instantaneous Kill-Spikes. lol I fricken hate them too. XD


Hilariously crazy shit. well drawn. Very entertaining stuff. :D

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I still like cartoons. I know I deleted my something like 30 submissions. But I felt like it was time for a fresh start. I also deleted my artworks. And music here. XD

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